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Here we go..

Indeed, since this book was written in 1952 the bibliography is not presented in the same Chicago style or similar that are common today.

Anyway that particular quote has no detailed footnotes but I will search further for it. I may add that it was the CP of Moscow Gubernia.


There is other evidence paraphrased in other Stalin speeches/reports;

1. Seventeenth Congress of the communist party of the Soviet Union 1934.

See Part or section II.

2. I only found the french version so far...

Stalin May 20, 1938 to the executive committee of the Comintern reported in La Petite Illustration, Paris, No. 897, Nov. 26, 1938, Part II, page 26.

"The direct resumption of revolutionary action will be possible only if we succeed in exploiting the antagonisms between capitalistic states in order to plunge them into an armed struggle amongst themselves. The instructions of Marx, Engels and Lenin [and Krugman ;)] teaches us that revolution will issue automatically from a general war among these states. The principal task of our parties, brother Communists, ought to be to facilitate such a conflict. Those who do not understand this have assimilated nothing from the teachings of revolutionary Marxism. I hope you will bring that again to the attention of the Comrades whose action you direct. The decisive hour has arrived for us."

note - plz disregard the 'Krugman' part lol

p.s. here is an interesting video of that congress.

ie. looks like Saddam Hussein :P