Comment: I'm not sure.

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I'm not sure.

I don't have a solar generator, but I do have 4, 100 watt panels and a separate set of 3, 15 watt panels.

The 400 watt panels charge a set of deep cycle batteries in my shed. The batteries were EXPENSIVE!!! I started with 2 100AH batteries. Now I have 6. It is good backup for most of my house EXCEPT THE REFRIGERATOR. I use it for all of my outside lighting and a few other things.
I never ran out of battery.
My 600ah in theory gets me 1 amp for 600 hours. With a power outage, during the day, I wont use much power at all so my batteries charge. In cloudy conditions they charge much slower than in sun but they do charge.
At night I could run lights, tv, radio, and computer, totaling approx 480 watts at worst or 40 amps.
I can run 40 amps for 10 hours or more, and thats if I leave everything on all night.

The 45 watt set charges one battery, I use for charging phones and some computer use.

If your looking to run your house like normal, with huge electrical drawing appliances like stoves and refrigerators,I wouldn't say solar is the way to go.

As for a stove, get a propane Coleman stove or something similar. I have 3 of them.