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Am I a Johnson Troll? I have been a staunch Ron Paul supporter, battling the NEOCONS on The Blaze this entire election, but now I believe that since Ron Paul is not in the race, we need to think about the movement, and this movement has never been about one man, and I believe Ron Paul would be the first to say that. I had thought of writing in Ron Paul, but I believe now, that we need to consider the movement before our emotions. Gary Johnson, just like Ron Paul, will not win, but we can do something positive for the movement in two respects by voting for the Libertarian Party. If the Libertarian Party gets 5% or more in the election, it will have automatic 50 state ballot access, without having to fight the Republican Party, and it will receive federal funds for the next election (battle won for Liberty in this war). Other battles we need to continue to win is chair positions in the GOP at the state levels. Think about how the Liberty Movement can progress toward winning the war, if we end up with two vehicles that put forth Liberty Minded candidates in future elections. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. My Opinion.