Comment: Very good article!

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Very good article!

I was reading about the part of the 5% opening doors in 2016, and it made me realize a few things. That the liberty movement isn't just a fad that will go away. Its something that people get their emotions involved with, and like an old friend when 2016 comes around, all of us are going to be like minded when we remember the excitement and the struggle that was the Ron Paul run for the white house. And who knows... maybe in 2016 we can have a Ron Paul/Gary Johnson ticket... and maybe not even in that order! But only IF we get the 5% for GJ! I am definitely voting for Johnson now.

And, please don't wear Ron Paul shirts to the voting booth... you WILL be turned away. It is against voting regulations. I can see the innocence in suggesting it, but don't do it.