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>Oh and for the record.. Judge Nap was Dr.Paul's pick for VP..

I know but he said that it wasn't for him (though he'd be interested in being on the SCOTUS). That's why I wrote (above) that "Judge Nap wasn't interested in VP so why would you think that..."

Listen, I'd be thrilled to vote for Judge Nap or Tom Woods (or Peter Schiff) should any of them run. None of them are running this year, however. Even if GJ magically wins, it's certainly possible he won't be nearly as good as (at least some of) his rhetoric. But I still would take my chances rather than have Obamney in office.

My concern is that people are willing to pass up serious improvements (balance the budget, end the wars, end the fed, end the drug war) unless they get perfection. Ideally I want perfection too. I donated a lot of money and time to Dr. Paul's campaign. But even he says that this movement is not about 1 person.