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Comment: That's interesting and telling....

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That's interesting and telling....

See, Ron Paul use to be a Libertarian, actually, he still is, the only difference is he joined the Republican Party. His message as a liberty-minded Republican is the same consistent message he delivered as a Libertarian. So, what changed? You and history.

Your attitude of Libertarians is the same as the MSM. Libertarians are nothing but a bunch of irrelevant, pacifist, pot-smoking hippies that only want to make drugs legal. Their message of liberty is meaningless, but you know, history has a way of happening where you just can't deny the facts.

Here comes Ron Paul talking about blowback, the War on Drugs, state rights, balanced budget, the FED, limited Federal government, etc., etc. and all of sudden Republicans discovered liberty and they own the patent on it. All other parties that championed those cause before the Republicans are irrelevant.

And yes, I do hate it when the GOP marginalizes, mocks, ignores and alienates Ron Paul Republicans. It's wrong but don't let it stop you from being a hypocrite.