Comment: I drank the LP kool-aid for a little while

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I drank the LP kool-aid for a little while

But history tells us it is a dead-end. Reforming the GOP, and even the Dems is the only way to go forward. Short of a full-on revolution, nothing will break the 2-party grip on the system, so it is up to us to come out in droves to support liberty candidates on our ballots. Forget about the presidential election as it is inconsequential. The key is to change the power structure within the parties and get liberty in the platforms more and more. I feel that there have been many successes in that area this year in the GOP; 100% thanks to the example set by Ron Paul and the individual efforts that inspired.

It's up to us now to be that example multiplied by millions. Reform the major parties and forget about the LP, at least in the presidential election. I am voting for Libertarian Chris Edes for Senate in New York because Gillibrand's Republican challenger is no friend of liberty at all. Aside from that, I am writing in Ron Paul, voting for Republicans in the other races, and one moderate Dem for state senator. Study who is on your ballot and make informed choices across the board. That is what's important; not the presidential election.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.