Comment: Thanks Pawnstorm,

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Thanks Pawnstorm,

I have noticed that people here, have turned on one another lately, and it is indeed sad to see.

Dr. Paul has given us a great message, and however we see fit to spread that message should not be met with criticism from the very same people, who fought in the trenches with us.

Only fools fight in a burning house.

And I would also like to thank Michael Nystrom for creating this site.

And a special thanks to LegalizeLiberty.

I saw a lot of people criticizing LegalizeLiberty, in vicious and un-called for ways, it broke my heart.

LegalizeLiberty lived through one of the biggest fights for liberty of the 20th century, and that was when the Polish people told the soviets to go F themselves, and LegalizeLiberty was someone who didn't just talk, he got out there and stood up to the tanks and the overwhelming odds that were being pressed against the Polish people.

Few here, have the courage to do what LegalizeLiberty did.

Some of you can talk the talk, but LegalizeLiberty walked the walk.

Just sayin.