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Answer=Reality-Done Deal or Monopoly Game

1) - 3) = you vote and the American voting system selects.

4) = you abstain and the American voting system selects.

Some of us have many reasons which have all been stated for "not" taking a chance on Gary and for believing that he is not even a player in this game. Others want to believe. To each his own.

At this point, I am curious about whether the name of the game is A or B.

A - The selection has been made and it is either Romney or O'Bama after much media hype, drama and political theatrics, or

B - The selection was made "for both" Romney AND O'Bama and now it is an elite entertainment event much like the hunger games. Party Poopah Pawns are encouraged to duke it out with weapons of ballot destruction of their choosing..all the dirty tricks they can think up and pull off as well as back room deals and under the table money.

If B, then two scenarios and paths have already been laid to bring into play the next plays on the chessboard. It is just an unending game unless we reach critical mass through real thinking and education.

Presidents don't make decisions...they are just really lousy PR Fronts while they shuffle the "administrations" back and forth with the "ins" in the white house doing the dirty work and making lots of money and the "outs" in think tanks doing the dirty work and free to make even more money. Meanwhile the President entertains the PR people from other countries for public consumption, plays golf, takes vacations and flies around in the world's finest airplane. Oh, yeah. And they also get a first dog. That IS the current reality of it and I don't like it either.