Comment: Who to Vote For?

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Who to Vote For?

I agree with the notion that voting for any Liberty candidate (even writing in Ron Paul) is better than voting for the establishment one party system we have today. I just think that we are in Ron Paul's r3VOLution, which is the Liberty MOVEMENT. We need to find some way to come to the same terms for our MOVEMENT. "A house divided cannot stand." "Together we stand, divided we fall." "One for all and all for one." These are true sayings. If we do not get together to form a vehicle for the Liberty Movement, we will be weaker because of it. I do not see Gary Johnson winning the election, but I do see the Libertarian Party as a vehicle that the Liberty Movement can use going into the future. Another vehicle we need to fight for are the chairs at the state and local levels of the GOP. If we do these two things, we could conceivably create two vehicles for Liberty. Imagine that! What if we gain enough seats in the GOP and get instant ballot access for the Libertarian Party in the next election. That is two vehicles and the Liberty Movement will be in full swing. So, if you do not want to vote for Gary Johnson because his principles just do not match Ron Paul's, you will not have to worry about him getting elected, the election is already set for the One Party Demlicans/Republicrats, think of it as voting for the Libertarian Party, soon to be Liberty Party. Liberty is what Libertarian stands for. My Opinion.

I always put My Opinion at the end, because I am not trying to force anyone into anything. We are individuals and we should just be posting our OPINIONS, and if others see our point and agree, great, if not, they have that individual right to do what they want. So I agree that we need to quit infighting.