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This isn't your thread.

And I do not need your permission to respond to your posts.

That said, you said in another thread that Steph is your friend. You said you respect her choice. But what you are spewing at her is not respectful at all.

In fact, you have shown little respect for most people here, other than some token displays. Anyone can look at your history and see how you've been behaving.

You are correct that I will not be voting, so I guess that makes two of us since you won't be voting in our elections, either.

Whether I choose to vote or not is my choice. I think a voting boycott would make a louder statement than voting at this point, although I realize it would have more impact en masse. But I cannot decide for everyone else what they should do.

As for my having ~slammed~ you, it is not because you prefer Johnson. I do understand why some may be considering other options such as him since write in's for RP will not count everywhere, although I do not consider him a real alternative to Ron Paul at all and am very wary of GJ. But I have actually said very little to you about Johnson. Most of my comments to you since I've been back have been about your behavior.

You have turned so hostile and mean toward most people and it boggles my mind and I'm surprised MN has allowed you to carry on the way you have. It's like I've come back to find a different and very disrespectful person using your computer.