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“. ..I’m casting my ballot for someone who wants to win”

The fact that there were “SIX state delegations” even at the convention shows Dr. Paul has WON. It was no more his place to “stand up” for the delegations, than it is the place for ANY LEADER to enter the fray.

If you had such great admiration for Dr. Paul, then you would have heard HIS definition of WINNING. Educating and encouraging people to pick up the gauntlet and fight to restore our vanishing Freedoms, Liberties and Country.

Look to the MAN and you will see a fierce WARRIOR LEADER in our fight for Freedom. What you won’t see is a POLITICIAN. He has always said he does not SEE himself in the Oval Office. What he DOES SEE is the changes that can come about BEING IN the Oval Office. It is OUR BURDEN OF RESPONSIBILITY to do what is necessary to put him in the office and/or advance the cause of Freedom and Liberty.

Ron Paul has the capabilities to exercise the powers of the President, without having political status-seeking as his goal; as opposed to a well-spoken empty vessel of a person bent on destroying the Constitution.

There is a great desire to achieve success in this election. Defining “success” is the divisive issue. It must be clearly understood that, no matter how important a personal agenda is, it is still necessary to be elevated above the crowd, to express it.

In California, at this time, is a political “perfect storm.” By combining forces behind the Write-in Ron Paul effort, ALL factions can WIN.

California is in a Political “Perfect Storm”. NOW is the time to look at the STRATEGY of CONSOLIDATING the vote.

I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.