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It's a good list

However, it didn't change my opinion that GJ is the best choice we've got at this point. I fully recognize he's not RP. However, he's a lot closer to RP than Obmaney are. He talks about the evils of the fed, the drug war, and the need for gold. NONE of those things are even on Obamney's radar to be changed.

I listened to GJ's interview w/ Wenzel (his first and still by far his best podcast) and I came away learning things about GJ that I really didn't like. He didn't seem to truly understand the economic issues (so, of course, how could he possibly fix them). However, at least he's open to these ideas and has some understanding of them. And I would say that would give the liberty movement (e.g. Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, etc) a fighting chance to convince him what needs to be done to fix the problems. Since the Wenzel interview, I feel like GJ has at least *talked* about the right stuff. It doesn't mean he'd be a good president of course (as I acknowledge in a previous post). Reagan's words were much better than his actions. But, again, look at the alternative. Obamney = hyperinflation, war, bailouts, and possibly NWO.