Comment: There ya go with your presumptions again.

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There ya go with your presumptions again.

There is life outside of DP. I do what I do. If it counts as activism, so be it. If it doesn't measure up to your standards, too bad.

I didn't come marching in here boasting activism, unlike you have been doing to people as you inform that that you're the ~real activist~ and insulting them with labels "pseudo-activist".

I am not in competition with anyone. That is not why I am here, and it is doubtful that most others are for that reason, either.

You chide Steph about not helping the Liberty Movement to grow, yet you seem to be doing your best to dismiss fellow members and run them off if they do not go along with you. That seems counter-productive to the growth you say you want.

Perhaps a little respect might help to further that goal. ;)