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Lay off.

You're the idiot dividing the movement with your mind changing crap and attention seeking posts. One day you are Ron Paul, balls to the wall, the next day some new found heroic worship of Gary Johnson, flaming people here with your antics for fun, or something to do on the internet. YOU CAN'T EVEN VOTE IN THIS COUNTRY.

Stop it already. Stop the attention seeking. It's becoming highly annoying. You've been asked. Did you forget that already?

Look at what you have caused me in the Mod Box.

I took down a post calling you out. I did the same for you that I do for anyone else, and here you are, clueless of that, still pushing people's buttons and validating the Mod Box complaints about you.

I can't stand up for you, like I do everyone else when you continue to poke people around here in the eye with this meaningless nonsensical crap.

Lay off.