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Up to you, but I think exposing/educating is a key...

...just as Tom is doing with his writing.

So when I'm talking with people I try to share this kind of information.

I was speaking with a coworker recently about the "disposition matrix" and this person didn't even know about the kill lists at all, let alone about the new expansion or that BOTH Obama and Romney are in favor of the unconstitutional and diabolical kill lists.

As more people become informed and aware of what is going, it may at least make things more difficult for the powers that be.

Someone posted a video here the other day of Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change confronting a politician about the kill lists. The politician tried to dismiss him, but as they are confronted more and more about these kinds of things, it'll be harder for them to dismiss.

Look at Ron Paul and the things he's been talking about, as with the auditing/ending the Fed for example. Wasn't long ago that people were deemed to be kooks for talking about it. But now others are coming around. Same with foreign policy, 9/11, and other issues.

Some are more politically oriented, some make videos, some go to protests and marches, some write about what is going on, some are more confrontational(as with the Luke Rudkowski interview), etc., and that's all fine. To each their own. Everyone does not have to be doing the same thing. We all have our roles. But as I said above, I do think exposing/educating is a key.

Hope that helps.