Comment: "Turning the other cheek" is not an act of submission.

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"Turning the other cheek" is not an act of submission.

It is an act of defiance.

Go read the passage again. Ten times if you have to.

Jesus is instructing his followers that if a Roman soldier strikes you in one cheek, give him your other to strike as well. He's telling them to turn their head to the side, point to their other cheek and effectively say, "here m-f'er hit me again!"

You also forget that while Jesus said to "render unto Caesar" he also said "render unto God what is God's."

The money was Caesar's money. Legally, no one owned save what Caesar allowed them to own. It was a monarchy. (with trappings of a Republic)

Jesus was no pacifist. He did not preach submission.

If he did, why didn't he simply obey and stop preaching? Why didn't he confess to Pilate so he could live?

Your entire theory rests on Jesus being a pacifist.

So, now your lengthy diatribe there, and everything you linked, has been rendered moot by the fact that he DEFIED earthly authority to the point of being crucified for it.