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Comment: Bill Nye is a Coward

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Bill Nye is a Coward

In addition to not being a scientist (his degree is in engineering), Bill Nye is a coward. Answers in Genesis has challenged him to debate Dr. Georgia Purdom. Dr. Purdom IS a scientist with a PhD in molecular genetics, and Bill Nye the coward guy won't debate a girl.

If you want to see how absurd Nye's position is, read this article and watch the youtube videos there:

The article also links to another article that is definitely worth reading:

Lastly, the title of this thread is lame. Christians are not anti-science. In an online discussion many years ago on this same subject, a friend of mine was asked by an antagonist,

"So why were we given a mind and an intellect?"

My friend replied,

""That we might use them to the glory of God" is my general answer. To engage in believing scientific enterprises wherein the scientist starts with His word as the lamp unto his or her investigating feet, is one specific way to go about that. What great liberty God has given us to fulfill the grand purpose for our existence!

"Start with the Bible and have powerful light from on high to do science. Start with the idea that the Bible is for "spiritual stuff only", that proud science need not even "inquire of the LORD", and one is already in the darkness..."

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