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Your the one who is very wrong

let me explain, Romney being elected puts a false savior in office, one who will prolong our suffering, perpetuate the spending and illegal wars, one who will be loved by many sheep and allowed to commit Obama's crimes all over again simply because he is not Obama. Ron Paul said it himself, we need to stop now and let the pain start already so it can be over sooner and we can start recovering. What you are sanctioning by voting for Romney is the continued suffering of us all.

If Obama was re-elected at least most already see him as a snake, it also means either he can get nothing done because everyone hates him and he has a republican congress to deal with or we start weeding out the snake which are the liars and fakes that are the republicans in congress that will be forced to side with Obama openly because they could not get Romney in office.

You are still not awake if you think there is any significant difference between establishment republicans or democrats, your just another perfect example of cognitive dissonance.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare