Comment: So Mandating truth in advertising is not Libertarian?... Sigh!

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So Mandating truth in advertising is not Libertarian?... Sigh!

Since when is lying with impunity a libertarian principle? This is not just a free market debate this is about causing harm. Monsanto and the biotech industry are harming people and the planet with GMO Engineering and are on the verge of causing a catastrophic break down in the food supply.

They have already polluted the entire planet with PCB's with the manufacture of roundup they are in all of us and even found in Artic animals. They bought off inspectors government agents and politicians while they ran chemical waste in local water ways where the round up plant was and people fished in kids played in etc. Many are dead now they lost a suite and got fined is all, why are they still in business they have killed many people...

Truthful labeling is a natural law and as libertarian as it gets and Monsanto should be out of business and their executives in prison for the roundup fiasco alone... And idiots are still buying round up and spraying it on their fields and yards... Sigh!

This is one area government should actually be involved its called defending against domestic enemies and promoting the general welfare...

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