Comment: I only reserve "Paultard" for the fanatics

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I only reserve "Paultard" for the fanatics

I was making phone calls for a local State Rep yesterday. A Paul supporter answered. I said "Hi, My name is Zach and I am calling on behalf of", he then proceeded to interrupt and go on a rant about how he would never vote Republican again because he was a Ron Paul supporter. I told him I was to, and that a State Representative campaign had no correspondence to a primary battle. Smilingly out of it, he proceeded to say he was thinking about voting Obama to "keep this country from going far right", but ended up writing in Paul. I corrected him and said "you were never a Paul supporter, to say that Romney is further to the right than Paul shows your disregard of Pauls policies.

I did quite a bit of campaigning for Paul here. Hours of sign waves, literature drops, etc, in sub 30 degree weather here in Ohio, and before the SC primary in January... I was a Paul man. Hes not the perfect candidate, but he was the best by far running.

There are Paultards, and I just so happened to encounter one yesterday..