Comment: Where Have All The Inventors Gone?

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Where Have All The Inventors Gone?

I simply can't avoid this thread any longer because I want to tell you a story which might shockingly insinuate the lack of intelligence of the OP and those who think similarly. A gentleman (Italian, IIRC) has recently invented a new concept for an antenna which violates some preconceived and longstanding notions about radio frequency grounds. This inventor apparently exhaustively measured all the currents involved and ultimately concluded some established tenets were wrong. He constructed working models which verified his observations. Now, he has published and patented portions of his design. Someone interested in his design brought his design and concepts before a forum consisting largely of amateur radio enthusiasts. The majority of them figuratively attempted to dismiss the inventor's design and smear his name based on their "education". These particular enthusiasts used computer simulations by NEC to "prove" the design wouldn't work although the inventor had built a functioning prototype PROVING otherwise. In other words, these indoctrinated "hams" insisted the NEC modeling couldn't be wrong because of their brainwashing in school ("thank" the socialist Dewey). Science by definition is limited in its capacity to reveal knowledge. Science can reveal only what manifests to humanity's sensory system. As this example shows, even what manifests is largely based on prior ASSUMPTIONS as to its correctness which in ALL cases should be ROUTINELY critiqued before proceeding to more general conclusions. The "hams" were biased based on their conditioning and absolutely represent a system of public indoctrination falsely known as education in the USA. The inventor represents a system of real education where ASSUMPTIONS, even entrenched ones, are routinely critiqued in an endless cycle. Critiquing one's biases is both healthy and necessary before one can truly be educated. Were the "hams" embarrassed? Personally, I don't think so as they became extremely hostile and IRRATIONAL in their responses. In my view, the Italian inventor flatly embarrassed the Americans with both tact and genuine education. Most of us in the USA today don't realize our massive conditioning as we have no peers who are truly educated to break our stupor. My dad always remarked that most people were "educated" beyond their intelligence. Dewey and his cronies have largely succeeded. Where have all the inventors in the USA gone? Our country used to be FILLED with them from sea to shining sea.