Comment: This is a tough issue

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This is a tough issue

When I have a tough decision I'm going to always go for the side of less govt vs more.
Monsanto needs to be exposed and efforts like this initiative are good for bringing about truth - too bad it takes an election for people to start talking to others about important things.

From FDA website:

genetically engineered plant foods are produced from crops whose genetic makeup has been altered through a process called recombinant DNA, or gene splicing, to give the plant desired traits. Genetically engineered foods are also known as biotech, bioengineered, and genetically modified, although "genetically modified" can also refer to foods from plants altered through methods such as conventional breeding. While in a broad sense biotechnology refers to technological applications of biology, common use in the U.S. has narrowed the definition to foods produced using recombinant DNA.

How easy would it be for them to tinker with the definition, or use the broad sense definition to include my heirloom purple okra and cherokee tomatoes as genetically engineered?

Regulatory capture is a big problem. Once govt gets aholda of something it never lets go, and it always gets worse. Monsanto has already gotten aholda the FDA anyway. Who cares is they oppose the initiative, what would you expect? this is a win-win for them. and whats best is not much can change, and the voters aren't so uptight anymore.