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I agree w/ you

I don't get why many think GJ can't be seen as being "part of the liberty movement" despite having many good ideas (ending the wars, ending the Fed, balancing the budget, ending the drug wars) and being praised by Dr. Paul as being "wonderful".

I get it though. I know GJ's shortcomings. But as I've said before, I think people are letting the "perfect (RP) be the enemy of the good (GJ)". Many on here disagree though so I think it's almost pointless trying to achieve solidarity. There won't be. To be honest, I'm still considering writing in Ron Paul myself. I live in NY though and, from what I understand, I don't think they really count write-ins. So I'm not sure if I should vote my conscience (write in RP) or vote my conscience to a lesser degree (GJ) but have that vote actually be counted, which will maybe help 3rd parties in 2016.

I wish there were solidarity amongst RP supporters - one way or the other - but it's not going to happen. For whatever it's worth, for practical reasons, I'm leaning towards GJ (though it would pain me to *not* vote for Dr. Paul in what is very likely my last chance to do so).