Comment: FEMA is taking over clean up efforts.

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FEMA is taking over clean up efforts.

My neighbor is a certified engineer, and we live in one of the ravished beach towns on the Shore. FEMA said no to his willingness to volunteer and help using his skills, because he was not "contracted by FEMA." He was told that it was about a 4-7 day long process of signing papers and getting contracted to volunteer.

In other words, the ordinary citizens of our city cannot go and help clean up their own city because FEMA assumes the authority to do so. Of course you hear of stories locally of FEMA not cooperating with local officials, and neglecting to coordinate efforts with local officials. So it is just a big mess here.

Also, organizations like the Red Cross are doing similar things. Cooks from upstate New York closed down their restaurants for a few weeks, drove down many hours with their catering trailers to set up shop and help cook good healthy food for those in shelters. In Toms River North, they were told by the Red Cross that they can handle feeding those in the shelters and they rejected their volunteer efforts. By the way, the food being given to those in the shelters are military synthetic rationed food, juice boxes that are nothing but corn syrup and artificial ingredients, processed blueberry muffins etc. The cooks were PISSED. But they were awesome - they went into the parking lot and set up shop anyway. Those in the shelter came out to get a good and healthy breakfast.

Those are just some of the stories.... I have many more. I am a pastor at a church down here and we are slaving away helping and serving those in our broken down and busted up city. And it's beyond frustrating to see those who are supposedly here to help begin blocking our efforts to rebuild our OWN city.