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The fear of losing my license

I understand you point that most people abide by it voluntarily (about as voluntary as they file tax returns). But if there were no speed limit there would be nothing to abide by. Everybody would have a different standard of what they felt was safe.

The fear of losing my license and being fined would stop me from driving 100 mph down your street (of course I would never do this to a fellow DPer anyway, I was only trying to make a point). Seriously though, how many people drive the speed limit because they want to? I would bet you that 100% of that 1% you say does not care regardless of the law would slam on their brakes if they suddenly passed a cop. Most people would drive faster if it were not for the fear of being ticketed. I know I would. I pesonally do not agree with what every speed limits is. Sometimes I would like to go a little faster, but I understand why they are there. It's a standard. What if granny decides she wants to drive 10 mph, there are cars coming in the other direction as far as the eye can see and now your stuck behind her? It also forces her to a standard so traffic can flow in a somewhat constant manner.

Not all people slow down because of common sense. Most likely, the only people who would drive "25 mph" through neighborhoods are people with kids who understand the danger you pose and MAYBE a few other responsible people. Do you think High School aged drivers would slow down in neighborhoods because of their common sense? (Nothing against High School kids...I was once one) People speed up and down my street all the time with a 25 mph speed limit...I would hate to think how much faster and how many more people would speed down my street if there were no speed limit posted at all. Also, most people speed on my street because there are never any cops on it. I guarentee you that if a cop sat in front of my house everyday, then every single driver who traved my street daily and knew a cop would be sitting there, would go 25 mph...ON THE DOT.

Even if people do break the speed limit, they are in a sense still restricted by it. Most people will only dare go 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit because that is what they feel they can get away with. If everybody knew you could drive 30 mph over the speed limit without the worry of being ticketed, then most everybody would drive 30 mph over the speed limit.

If you wanted to make an argument for no speed limits on major highways with multiple lanes, Interstate roads similar to the Autobahn, then I would 100% agree with you, but in all other situations where more factors than just going straight are present; there has to be a standard of what is acceptable.