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the ron paul movement

the ron paul movement (especially the anti gary ron paul circle jerks) are the only ones that will keep this movement fringe!

RIP LIBERTY, thank the circle jerks on dp/rpf. They have shown themselves to be wasting my time and money. never again!

ps as the ron paul liberty movement stands now it is a bowel movement no better then obamney! the gop est and the ron paul circle jerks are doing a A+ job and destroying the movement. Accountability is coming for their actions toward liberty.

Bowel Movement 2012/2016 needed in the liberty movement or it is already dead! anyone writing in ron paul in uncertified states need to be flushed away. they are the enemy! They have shit on everything we have worked for in the last 10-40 years. shit away. ron paul write-ins in states that do not count them are like babies playing with their shitty diapers. they are just full of shit and throwing shit and all their votes away for defacing a ballot . guess who gets to decide defacing? dem and gop establishment:)
write-ins in states that do not count uncertified ballot write-ins are basically dingleberries that will never be counted!

washing my hands of all these ron paul circle jerks after nov 6th.

you need 0 common sense to understand that writing in an uncertified candidate is defacing a ballot and will get the whole ballot invalidated. seems the ron paul circle jerks here have -20 common sense!

Ron Paul 2016