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So I guess people should be

So I guess people should be able to drive home from the bar shit faced drunk as long as they don't kill anybody? What would that do to my freedoms? How many people would fear driving at night because of the possiblity of being hit by a drunk driver?

When you set a speed limit you are allowing other driver's the freedom to know what to expect of other driver's. If there are no speed limits then everybody would be guessing what everybody else is doing. (Don't think major highway's here, think nieghborhoods and other more complicated road systems...I would agree that not every road needs a speed limit such as major freeways)

I don't know what else to say here...It's common sense. There has to be rules so other drivers know what they can expect of other drivers. If you break those rules, there has to be a means of punishment; otherwise the rules mean nothing. It's as simple as that. I don't need to read up on "legal history". There are certain things that just require simple common sense...maybe you should try not thinking so deep into this, you're making it out to be more complicated than it is.

If you were talking about other victimless crimes, such as prostitution and drugs, then I would agree with your way of thinking. But when it comes to driving on the road, there has to be standards everybody must follow, so drivers can operate the roads in a safe and somewhat controlled manner.