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Thank You Josf

...not only for your thoughts but also for taking the time to have them. And, for anyone who thinks this topic is not relevant given the current events of the week, I would like to offer that the world in which my grandchildren will be adults is very much tied into the evil politics of today and the spiral we are going down. Many have said that the mark of a declining civilization is when its citizens no longer care about future generations. At 64, it is actually all I do care about. My life is on the last leg (hardly giving up although priorities do shift).

I was 100% behind my daughter deciding to home school this year. It is a huge commitment and much is left up to her as far as how she presents and directs that curriculum. There were other choices with the programs offered that I might have chosen.

I also have tried to dig deep and understand just why this topic was chosen and what outcome is expected. Also, how my grandson benefits from participation. He, of course, could have said I do not choose to debate and will drop this class because I do not want to be put in a position of defending something I do not believe in.

Unfortunately most of our politicians find themselves in exactly that position. In order to be elected, they defend party platform issues that they do not believe in. It is apparently a requirement in order to be nominated by their party.

To me that is one of the reasons Ron Paul stands alone. He said "no." He would not...could not...ever back down, compromise or shelf his life-long principles. His message is his legacy and by spreading it, perhaps there will be a paradigm shift whereby this approach to education would be unthinkable.

I was not the family decider in choosing the curriculuum or program; however, I know my grandson is getting a far better education than he would in public school. I also feel certain that the 2012 debate issue will be resolved: "The federal government should not participate in foreign aid even for humanitarian reasons."

Thanks again Josf! And, you obviously have made that paradigm shift to nothing but the truth for any reasons...even debate! I applaud that.