Comment: Sorry but your wrong

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Sorry but your wrong

I have already explained how Romney will be worse, you are choosing to ignore what I said.

I will say it one more time, If we get Obama again he will have to content with a republican congress who will fight him tooth and nail OR we will see the snakes come out in open support and we can start clearing our fields.

If we get Romney he will do just as Obama has done but he will have the support of congress and blind sheep letting him get away with it just because he is not Obama.

If you can not see how that is MUCH worse then your eyes are closed.

Oh and do not bother trying to defend Romney being better because Obama will get to place two more judges because It was a so call conservative judge that sold us out. The judges have been compromised for a long time.

Romney will be FAR FAR worse for us. Obama would unite us to stop him even as more wake up to how bad he is. Romney we get a viper who MANY believe to be a savoir just like those who believed in Obama.

So you can choose to Ignore what I have said, but it is the truth and you know it.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare