Comment: Just stack on.

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Just stack on.

At 25/Ozt spot, I'll buy 40 ozt without even thinking. At 30/Ozt I'll get my usual 25, or 30 if I can afford the over spot.

Just stack on, folks, stack on.

Us being able to do it steadily with the money we earn from our work for living won't last forever.

If I had a million dollar from a gig or lottery (which I never play, but that's beyond the point) I'd put 90% of it in silver, and the rest would go in more prepper items.

When it stops being crushed undervalued artificially as we know, we'll need that PM, I'm telling you.

I don't believe in a return to stone age if or when SHTF, but the situation with fiat money won't be pretty, at all; and that's why I think this PM will be much, much more than useful (wouldn't otherwise).


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