Comment: It's good thinking

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It's good thinking

However, when the agencies have been captured, the corporations have bought and corrupted judges and legislatures, falsified and misrepresented science, controlled media through legislation (food libel laws) and legal threat, nearly cornered global markets in seed, by acquiring most seed companies, with intent to control global staple crops, legally and technologically overturned norms relied upon since the beginning of agriculture (saving seed), with technology that permanently alters the genome of food crops in ways that nature cannot (goats crossed with spiders to produce spider-web-goat-milk for use in kevlar), and humans cannot control, while claiming ownership of the lifeforms in perpetuity, wherever the dna may travel in nature, it's not inappropriate that citizens turn to referendums, within the context of current government practice, with the hope that bringing a little sunshine into the marketplace, a little bit of information, in the spirit of common sense, will provide some balance, with the onus on those who have corrupted or controlled all of the normal institutions that support free and fair markets.