Comment: German tourists arrive @ NY Fed for scheduled Gold Vault tour.

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German tourists arrive @ NY Fed for scheduled Gold Vault tour.

Last line of this forum's linked news article:

Ordinarily, you’d be able to eye the gold bars yourself. Some 25,000 visitors tour the bank’s vault each year. Those visits, the bank says, have been canceled indefinitely “due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.”

[Cardboard sign advertises free NY Fed Gold Tours.]

Ticket Hawker in front of NY Fed: NY Fed gold tour! Free! Take your look before the Germans take theirs! ... Gold Tours! Free! ... McIntosh! Galoshes! Weather gear! Stay clean & dry... Sandy, rain or shine.

Yes, Ma'am. Tour starts here. Uncle Ben there will give you a ticket. It's free. Tours start every 45 minutes. Schedule posted on that sign. First tour starts 11:15 sharp Monday - Friday. Closed for Bank holidays.

Sandy wasn't really a Hurricane by the time she got to work here. A bit stormy... She's really a nice gal.... Works in shredding department... Hard worker.

        ~Every 45 minutes~

    Next Departure time: ☑ Canceled indefinitely - see Sandy

[German Tourists w/ delegation tickets & cameras arrive. German Tour Leader presents gold tour reservation tickets.]

German Tourist group leader: Wenn sich unsere deutschen Tour starten? Sir, wenn sich unsere deutschen Tour starten? Sir, ich habe schon unsere Tickets für meine ganze deutsche Delegation. Wo sollen wir noch warten? Nein, die Königin von England ist nicht mit uns unterwegs. Sir, wir können nicht ewig warten! ... Sir! ... Sir, ihr nicht verlassen bis sie unsere Fragen beantworten! Wir kamen aus Deutschland. Wir müssen unser Gold! ... Sir, hier her kommen! Kommen wieder!

[Awful German Language translation roughed out by Mark Twain]

German Tourists w/ delegation tickets & camera: When does our German tour start?

Sir, when does our German tour start?

Sir, I already have our tickets for my whole German delegation. Where shall we wait?

No, the Queen of England is not traveling with us. Sir, we cannot wait indefinitely! ... Sir! ... Sir, your not leaving until you answer our questions! We came all the way from Germany. We must see our gold! ... Sir, come back here! Come back!

[NY Fed Gold Tour Hawker scurries down Liberty Street w/ German tourist in hot pursuit.]

        To be continued...

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul