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Comment: The Romney Paid Opperatives are out in full force...

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The Romney Paid Opperatives are out in full force...

Anyone who even considers voting Romney was never a Ron Paul supporter to begin with. Anyone who cares about Liberty in this country or this movement could never cast a vote for the most anti-liberty, anti-constitution candidate in the history of the GOP.

Romney and Ryan are an embarrassment and a disgrace to this country and everything it was built on. They are the face of crony capitalism and corruption in politics. They are the physical embodiment of everything the Liberty Movement fights against.

Besides the fact that Romney hates everything about Liberty and Freedom and is essentially the Anti-Paul. A Romney win would justify the fraud and cheating that the RNC took part in to steal the nomination from Ron Paul and to block any grassroots movement from ever gaining influence on the elections.

A Romney win would also block any type of Liberty Movement candidate from even running until at least 2020.

While I agree that Obama is one of the worst presidents in modern history, its only 4 more years as opposed to a Romney 8. Romney would not only be bad, but actually much worse for multiple reasons, primarily how his win would damage our movement.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.