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Comment: We watched, stunned, as the media remained silent.

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We watched, stunned, as the media remained silent.

We had been trying to turn a lifelong friend on to Ron Paul. He had stopped by for an overnight visit, he was long haul trucking. When asked why he had never heard of him, we replied "The media won't tell you about him." We got the "You're nuts" look so we dropped it. Next day, he watched with us as the moneybomb detonated, and set a record. And the media said nothing... So, we brought it up.... "Do you believe in media suppression now?"
No. He did not. We have not heard from him since, ignores our emails. It was the first of many people we love who would turn their backs on us, but it was also the beginning of friendships based on a love of truth. I can't say it was a "fair trade" - I love those people and still wish they would see the truth of this world. But I would not go back to sleep for a desire to be back in their lives, either.
My mother had a poster on the fridge... A kitten in a stockade - "The truth shall make you free, but first it shall make you miserable."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.