Comment: 2007 was an eye opener for many of us

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2007 was an eye opener for many of us

From 2007 on my entire life has changed for the better. It reminds me of the matrix completely and it trips me out to see so many WANTING to never be woken up.

I think it is the same as being mad versus happy. It is always easier to be pissed off than working on smiling and being happy with yourself, life etc.

Many just want to NOT have to vote, NOT have to care and NOT have to worry about anything and hope the government will do it for them.

November 5th was a 24 hours UP day, coffee, fox, chatting along in the money bomb chat typing RON PAUL a billion times. Back then the excitement was WILD to say the least. The local ron paul meetup groups and everything went amazingly well for us in 2007. I think that facebook/myspace messed that whole deal up because now no one actually MEETS UP because they can post picture updates on facebook now....

REMOVE THE FACEBOOK and MEET UP with people locally. Make REAL FRIENDS not facebook fakes folks.

I hope we can get some liberty candidates winning LOCAL and STATE positions because that is how we will get back our country. We need the states to finally stand up to the federal government and get it back to LIMITED. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana