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I had no idea :)

Boy did I butcher my spelling in that last post. Sorry about that. I must have been in a hurry. I have decided to post this up here incase you wish to erase your post below and remove dots, and if you wish me to do the same here, say so somewhere else. Otherwise we can leave it in "stone."

I cannot even imagine what I dragged up and reposted of yours LOL...I even read about that in the MOD box, yes I am a curious sort, and had no idea what was being talked about...and still don't and you don't need to bring it up, unless you think some of my thinking needs corrected...because who knows, I may repeat it again, unknowingly...LOL.

My grandfather was a bigot. I can imagine my grandmother doing the same thing...because she could...and not ever telling him because his wrath would have been terrible for her to endure.

Now I am pulling up thoughts and connecting dots...I read where you do that too...It didn't have anything to do with what Bill Still had say about that funding of that Mises founder being of the Rockefellers? Did it? If so, now you want to see me connect dots...How about this: The Rockefellers found an influential thinker who might just spread thoughts of Liberty so they imported him, funded him, and maybe influenced him. Maybe so as to get him off track from srpeading truth, or mixing that truth with a lie so that that truth is rejected completely. I can see that taking a "bullet" singularly could save a whole group of Friends as well as a whole movement.

Thank you for your kind words. One thing you will see about me, fonta, is that I allow myself to be vulnerable as I pretty much just let people see who I am, unless of course I have something not so nice to say, I try to temper it. I hope the love of Christ shows thru me. I cannot stand to see false truth. I put a post up today which may have gotten alot more notice if I had inserted a certain LP candidate's name, but did not want to start contention, but I just want people to be aware when they hear lies, or maybe misconceptions.

It concerns me greatly that this Voice of Liberty which so many of us share is a target which most likely will not go un targeted, and may already be.

I never realized your world and mine were entwined, sister…at least that is what I imagine you to be. Thank you for the time you have taken to give me such a complete reply.

fonta, just a quick thought, if you think it proper to say, who are some of the ID's who are valuable teachers? I often have questions.