Comment: Vote however you want

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Vote however you want

I know we all have the same end goal and voting the way YOU see fit is the best way to show that versus just going along with the crowd no matter how "right" each crowd thinks they are.

While we think we know what would be best for liberty, telling others how THEY are doing is wrong will never work in the end.

I couldn't vote for Obama, Romney or Johnson. I couldn't live with myself not voting for Ron Paul on his last Presidential run of his life. He is the only true liberty minded candidate that I know, respect and WOKE UP because of.

I also see the reason to make sure Obama can just get his change done so we can FOR SURE have a republican take in in 2016 but in that same breath, once obamas change has been pushed for the next 4 more years the fed might get large enough to "change" the election laws into a dictatorship.

I see them voting for MORE TERM LIMITS which would then allow the opposite usually lol. Soon we might have the ability for "the people" to decide how long someone can be president which will be a fake public opinion poll.

Freaks me out to be honest with you and I see people VOTING for a dictatorship and the rest of the sheep following along, well if the majority voted for it then thats how it should be. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana