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Absolutely not true

First, not everyone there is from there. Certainly, there were people on the East coast who had experienced storms before, and some had experienced them in other places before.

Second, they were warned, incessantly, for a week just exactly what this storm was going to do. They were told how to prepare.

They were told:

This storm will bring major and unprecedented flooding to a large section of the East coast. You will see anywhere from three to ten feet of water above ground. It will come up quickly and you'll have no where to go. Get out now. They even indicated the areas most likely to see what level of surge. - and it happened just as predicted.

This storm will bring lots of rain - it will soak the ground so much, large trees will topple over from lack of support of the ground. Get out. - and it happened just as predicted.

This storm will bring lots of snow - if you live in higher elevations and further into the mountains, the approaching cold front will combine with the storm and result in 2-3 feet of snow. This will block you in and likely cause massive power outages from the weight of snow on trees that still have leaves on them, causing branches to break and taking out power lines. Get out or prepare to be shut in with no power - and it happened just as predicted.

This storm will cause massive power outages to millions of people. Some people will be without power for more than a week, maybe even two, possibly some pockets for a month or more. Get out or be prepared to live without power for that long. - and it happened just as predicted.


Sorry, I don't buy it.

People in New Orleans tried to make the same claim as you are above. It's not that they hadn't been through storms, or that they didn't know what was possible, but that they didn't take the warnings seriously, and that since Betsy, the storms always turned from the city at the last minute. Too many people didn't plan and prepare for "what if it doesn't turn?"

I don't have sympathy for them either. And some of those people are my family. They knew better. They just chose not to act rationally.

Luckily for my family, they got out in time. Their stuff wasn't so lucky. But it's just stuff.

The bottom line is, I don't have sympathy for people who do not prepare or who do not listen to warnings.

If they are in a bind just a week after the storm, it is their own fault.