Comment: This should be such a no-brainer.

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This should be such a no-brainer.

The state is only thing that wins if this amendment is made. I happen to think that marriage is a worthwhile thing, which is exactly why I'll even bother showing up at the polls- to vote against this abomination. The state corrupts everything it touches. I wish it would stay away from marriage and every other socially valuable institution out there, be it science, religion, or professional sports.

I've talked to several people about this and usually ask the following questions:

If you think that marriage is ordained by God, but needs the state's approval to be "real", which of the two authorities is more important to you?

If the mafia moved into your neighborhood and started charging you and your neighbors rents for "protection", would you start asking them to define marriage in the way that you want it defined?

If in 20 years, we had an influx of immigrants into Minnesota, and this immigrant group passionately believed that marriage should be between four men and four women, would you be okay if they amended the state constitution so that current marriages were no longer recognized?

I am absolutely disgusted that this is even on people's radar. If it serves any purpose it all, it is simply to be a shiny object to distract people from more important things. At the same time, I really don't like the idea of having this blatantly anti-liberty crap passing, so I plan on holding my nose and voting no. Ugh.