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Ideas Are Good!

...and if Ron Paul can take responsibility for things with his signature, I will have to live with my archive and all the places the mind circuit I am forced to use takes me. It continues to take me in a lot of unusual places. Resolved: Leave it in stone!

Actually it "was" a Roger Stone article that you reposted or linked to. At the time I was deep into the huge premature Gary presence along with the music festival and all those promoting the presence as well as Lawyers 4. Names were named, some very connected to this site and some of those sleuthing were banned. Some things were posted that never should have been posted. Some things were discovered that I wish I had not been a part of. I think we encouraged each other and it was sorta fun,, but I am not sure now if it served any purpose.

As far as the newsletters, there were some insinuations that Murray Rothbard might have done "some editing." May not be true, but if it was I "forgave" him too as there was a lot of racial confusion back in the days . Plus, while he sounds like quite a character, he was brilliant and his legacy is huge and thank goodness Lew works so hard to preserve it. (There is a lot of great info on the Rothbard/Koch break that helps to better understand the division in the DP archive through the search engine. I still am not clear on who exactly the LP is right now...but I know it is hardly the strong cornerstone of small l libertarianism.

I will look up some of the old names as I remember what they said better than who they were. One thing I noticed is that most seldom names names or parties. They were (and are) more into the message, the principles behind the message, explaining history before it was revised, philosophy and sometimes language and symbolic logic. Also there were some great theological discussions and actually still are. I seldom participate because my spirituality is so integral to who I am and while I listen to everything, there are some I don't want to defend. I once was at an age where I actually thought if I found the right book or teacher I was capable of understanding "everything." Now I am at a place where I know that the more answers I get, the more questions I have and if I reach any conclusion that I think are set in cement, they are only scaffolding until I have more information!

I truly wonder if there are many in influential positions or pot3ntially influential positions that have not (by hook or crook) been touched by the influence of such as the Rockefeller, Koch Bros, Soros, etc. They are definitely tricky and come from some entitled line of reasoning that we can't understand.

Yes, we are enterwined aa far as where inquisitive similar minds go and we are definitely spiritual sisters as well. have a great day!