Comment: Fine Points Worth Measuring broken into subsets: Tools

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Fine Points Worth Measuring broken into subsets: Tools

Joe, Is it OK to iron out one of these at a time.

The first topic regarding willful intent and which is the lessor of 2 evils is a hard concept for me. I did do some thinking about it this morning. The words are not forumlated and it will take some concentration to put it into words. I believe I am on the same track with you on it. It is a concept that I have never considered before.
I have instead put these words down. Please help me to see my error, because I cannot see it yet if my words are not correct regarding the concept of tools:

“Socialism and capitalism are not opposites, capitalism (a pricing method) is a subset of socialism (scientific social study) so the counterfeit versions of Capitalism (Fascism exemplified with Nazi Germany) and the counterfeit version of Socialism (exemplified in Bolshevism Russia) are as opposite the original versions of capitalism and socialism as legal crime is opposite liberty - exactly so.”

May I try to understand something. Socialism is a tool: Scientific social study (but I don’t understand why the term is not sociology) but anyways; Socialism is a tool whereby scientific study is applied to society whereby structures are created as methods of scientific application.

Socialism is a tool. A hammer is a tool. Tools are both designed, made, and operated by humans.

A human can use a hammer to build a house. A human can use a hammer to tear down a house. A human in the house can use a hammer to hang a picture on the wall. A human in the house can hit either an innocent or a violator on the head with the hammer to render the person out of commission. A hammer cannot do any of those things without a human operating it.

A cat is a tool. A cat can be used to dig a hole. A cat can be used to fill up a hole. A cat cannot do either of those things without a human operating it. Can a cat have forward motion without a human operator? Let’s pretend it can. I don’t know how the throttle works, but lets say that it can be engaged by a human and then stay engaged without human intervention. Let’s say the human has a heart attack while at the wheel. Let’s say the tool, the cat, continues in forward motion and begins to wreak all kinds of havoc. Let’s say the cat runs over a human. Who is at fault? The tool did it. The human behind the wheel has a heart attack and is dead. Who ran over the innocent human.

My dad got his hand caught in a hay bailer when he was young. The back of his hand was scared and he was fortunate he did not lose his hand, his arm, or his life. If I remember right his father turned the machine, the tool, off.

My uncle had a heart attack while mowing his grass. His wife found him dead over the cliff of their Idaho landscape. Did my uncle die before he went over the cliff? Or did he die because the lawn mower, the tool, took him over the cliff. What if my uncle had been sitting next to my aunt on the couch? Could she have called 911 and gotten him medical assistance. Would he be alive today?

In our examples. Did the tool, the cat, kill a man and perhaps did the tool, the lawn mower, kill my uncle, is it possible, that the tool, the hay bailer almost killed my father?

Did the tool mean to do any of those things? No. Did the tool turn itself on and sneak up on those people and cause them harm? No. But did the tool without further human intervention cause harm to individuals?

Socialism is a tool. Your mind is capable of taking that tool, socialism and applying it according to the mechanical tool examples I have given above. I think socialism has perpetual motion…until it is stopped. I think it is hard to determine what can happen when a good intending person turns on a tool and a criminal hijacks the tool, or good men do nothing when that tool begins to take on a life of it’s own.

New Harmony, the physical people in the physical residence there in that place…New York I think? Were using a tool called equitable commerce. Equitable Commerce is a tool of socialism just like capitalism is a tool of socialism, just like fascism is a tool of socialism or maybe the word I would like to use instead of socialism is sociology. But anyways. When the monopolist cam looking for there federal dollars in payment of taxes it seems according to that writer of that thesis that the wonderful equitable commerce was rendered no more in New Harmony. That physical place is no longer…however the tool of equitable commerce is available to pick up and to use. If it is used by an equitable person, everyone will get along just fine. If the store owner is a deceitful crook, he/she will take advantage of the people and steal their labor for him/herself.

It depends on who is using the tool. It depends on whether the tool is being properly overseen. It depends on whether an accident happens when the tool is in use and it also depends upon whether there are any good men to stand in the face of evil.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke
Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797)