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You really don't have any faith in the free market. Do you really think there are NO non-GMO products in the market place? If you live in a big city or suburb, I guarantee with just a little EFFORT on your part you will find a farmer's market full of non-GMO produce. If you live rural, grow your own non-GMO food. If you rent, organize a community of like minded people and buy a plot of land and grow a communal non-GMO garden. Stop waiting for some 'miracle law' that will make it all better. Take some initiative and personal responsibility. 'Inconvenience' is not an excuse. Stop acting like a victim waiting for the savior government to look out for you.

Doing some of the above will do more to harm Monsanto(which I mutually detest) than any GMO label. You know it's frankenfood, I know it's frankenfood. Once your family and neighbors and communities know it's all frankenfood then Monsanto will have no choice but to voluntarily abandon GMO's or, pardon the pun, they shall wither on the vine.