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Just buy Robert Murphy's

Just buy Robert Murphy's study guide to HA also.

What i did was read Murphy's summary of each chapter, then i'd read Human action. Anytime I hit a sticking point i'd just reread Murphy's summary of that particular subsection that was giving me issues.

There were a few subsections of chapters where I was a little foggy on what exactly Mises was saying, but Murphy clears this up... often time what ends up coming off as confusing is that Mises seemingly shifts gears adn starts talking about something that, at first glance sounds completly unrelated to the earlier part of the chapter. But this is where Murphy's guide proves helpful... he mentions that Mises is heading off a common objection that was commonly reaised in his time, or setting the stage for a more thorough discussion in chapters to come, etc..

Basically Murphy is a lifesaver.