Comment: Roger that. So, she lives alone

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Roger that. So, she lives alone

Roger that.

So, she lives alone and she is cold, and her house got harm ? Why can't she move to some more friendly place and work her issues out ?

She could move, no ?

I moved from France to Connecticut 4 years ago, IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER 2008/2009 at my own expenses, after spending two months looking for and getting a first employer contract secured/signed.

I handled the immigration paperwork and fees alone as well.

Then I relocated from Connecticut to California with wife AND KIDS at own expenses again a year later (wife's cool relatives live in California and Arizona; plus, I love the sun, like many from England or Normandy).

I've been helping another French dude alike (just giving him info tips, doesn't cost me much) do the same last year, from Japan to the US for him, with his wife AND KIDS, as well.

Oh wait. Maybe being self reliant for 2 decades straight, having zero debt, no credit cards, no mortgage, knowing exactly our value, no more and no less on the market, securing savings, and working all the milestones out constantly did help us a bit ?

Maybe ? Just my guess, anyway.

What is her dear government doing for her NOW, with the $30,000+ of various taxes I have to give them so enthusiastically each year ?

I never needed more than $6,000 or so in savings each time I decided to move on to new endeavors and dealing with bad surprises. Adjust according to inflation, sure.

What's her problem, really ? You don't have to stay cold, lady.

Okay, well, good luck to you, lady.

You've got a great employer anyway, haven't you ? I can't worry too much about you.

A few nice cashiers I know cumulating 2 or more jobs and still struggling to sustain their families seem like a bit more deserving my attention, bear with me.


Oh, and dear wife and I aren't exactly in our wild twenties or even thirties any longer either, btw.

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