Comment: 2003. Kenneth the Feinberg, Hush Money Paymaster

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2003. Kenneth the Feinberg, Hush Money Paymaster

2003. Families Sue U.S., Reject 9/11 'Bribe' Ignore Deadline for Compensation, by Tim Harper. Published December 23, 2003 by the Toronto Star

[Payoff requires signing a waiver giving up tright to sue...]

WASHINGTON. For some, it's blood money, a repugnant payoff they feel they have no choice but to accept...

But as many as 73 families see the process of U.S. government compensation as an attempt to protect those who should be held accountable for what they believe was mass murder. They ignored a midnight deadline last night, their last chance to apply for government cash.

To receive the federal money, recipients must sign a waiver giving up their right to sue anyone involved in the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history.

A late surge of claims on deadline yesterday meant close to 95 per cent of the 2,976 families who lost loved ones in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania were expected to finally take the money.

To get there, they had to accept a monetary value on the lives of those closest to them, after making a case based on birth and marriage licenses, diplomas and degrees, even videos. They will, on average, receive $1.8 million (all figures U.S.) each.

"Only in America could there be a program like this," fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg, [Blood Money Paymaser] told CNN yesterday. "You wouldn't find a program paying an average $1.8 million tax-free to eligible families. This is an unprecedented, unique program and exhibits I think the best in the American people." [And requires a well paid Blood money Paymaster such as I am.]

Yet Gabrielle says it is a bribe by the government so victims can be coerced into washing their hands of the affair. She is also resentful that the government is determining the worth of loved ones.
"This is about mass murder," she said. "I want to know who was responsible. "No one has been fired. No one has been demoted. The same people who are guarding us today on an elevated security alert are the same people who were working that day."

Feinberg's, [Paymaster for Hush Money] office detailed some awards. The beneficiary of a 36-year-old project manager earning $231,000 and with one dependent was paid $3.48 million, while the beneficiary of a 26-year-old military officer with no dependents and a $44,000 salary got $1.84 million.

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