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"I think socialism has perpetual motion…until it is stopped."

I think you have once again taken out "socialism" and in place of that you put in Legal Crime, so that all the bad things done by criminals are now blamed on "socialism" instead of Legal Crime.

If that is what you want to do, then who am I to say otherwise?

"I think it is hard to determine what can happen when a good intending person turns on a tool and a criminal hijacks the tool, or good men do nothing when that tool begins to take on a life of it’s own."

The infection of falsehood exists, there is no doubt about it, so you exemplify exactly how it exists in time and place, as you continue to blame a thing for the actions of people?

This nebulous THING is turned on, and this nebulous THING is now feeding itself, and it is gaining power, and it destroys all in it's path?

Why is the word on this THING the word socialism and not the word FALSEHOOD?

Putting aside the word, and inspecting IT, instead, please, if you will, measure it closely, and then let me know the measure of it that you find - PLEASE.

"Equitable Commerce is a tool of socialism just like capitalism is a tool of socialism, just like fascism is a tool of socialism or maybe the word I would like to use instead of socialism is sociology."

To nit pick, perhaps, at this point, I see an opportunity to report, as factual information, that Josiah Warren the person doing the inventing, producing, and experimenting with the idea of Equitable Commerce chose those words, and later the person Stephen Pearl Andrews chose the words The Science of Society, while the actual actions of the people who define those words, remain the same actions, the actions are classifiable in a Set of actions, where commerce was being conducted equitably, the THING in this case is merely an aggregate sum total of actions, by human beings, willful actions, so the THING, in question is a LABEL, and the LABEL merely classifies the total sum of thoughts and actions that occur in time and space, whereby the total sum of actions can be described, defined, and knowable as commerce conducted equitably by sovereign individuals who act according to their own costs, assuming no other costs made by anyone else, when defining the definition of equitable commerce, which is not to say that someone cannot, ever, act differently, criminally, or generously, but so long as they remain within the confines of actions that are equitable commerce actions, they maintain the commerce of that type, where each sovereign individual assumes all the costs of their own actions, transferring no costs to anyone else, and doing so willfully, as in "on purpose" so as not to "profit" at the expense of someone else, and particularly so as not to "profit" at the expense of an innocent victim who expresses a clearly expressed unwillingness to take on costs that have been produced by the person seeking these "profits" at the victims expense.

If we are to speak of equitable commerce as it exists, then it may be a good idea to speak of equitable commerce as it exists, instead of confusing equitable commerce with socialism, social study, sociology, fried chicken, or crimes, or crimes made legal.

Cui bono?

Who benefits from the confusion?

"When the monopolist cam looking for there federal dollars in payment of taxes it seems according to that writer of that thesis that the wonderful equitable commerce was rendered no more in New Harmony. That physical place is no longer…however the tool of equitable commerce is available to pick up and to use."

There was more to that story than that report may have uncovered. I also read, but did not bookmark, a condition of life in that place whereby the humidity contributed to an outbreak of a specific ailment which was not well treated or prevented at that time.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

If all good men can avoid any criminals, legal or otherwise, by moving to another planet, or buying a ticket to America, at least before 1788, then it may be a good idea to know who the criminals are once they follow along for the ride.