Comment: Trickery: selective location to prove an invalid point

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Trickery: selective location to prove an invalid point

The Schiffs have always engaged in this sort of trickery.

Really? A strip club is his interview sampling? LOL
BTW: What was Schiff doing at a strip club? (just asking questions, I'm sure)

Stand outside a business office or hospital and ask people if they have a college degree and what they do. You'll see that college degrees lead to lots of good jobs.

I haven't even graduated yet and my business classes have already helped me land jobs.

Do you really want to know the value of a college degree...CYA. Anyone who has worked knows that most workers (college or not) are screw ups. So managers hire people who look solid on paper, so when they screw up, upper-management can't blame you for hiring a risky non-college grad.

And frankly, college grads are typically more responsible and resourceful than non-grads. Unlike high school, there is no one to make you go to school...wanna skip classes? Go ahead. So only the dedicated go to class. Further, grads were the ones who were financially wise enough to last four years without a major screw up...that says a lot. Even if a student has a four-year scholarship/student loans/daddy's money, the undisciplined will blow through that money before they can graduate. Also, people who graduate socialize more with restraints, stay away from those that break the laws, etc.

Nearly all people who fail out of college have the intelligence to get through, but they lacked the wisdom, the hussle, the character to make it. Nearly all of those that failed out whine about the unimportance of college. There is a reason that the military generally requires officers to have college degrees.

BTW: Peter Schiff has a degree in Financing and Marketing from Berkeley.