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Patent laws

Monsanto's usage of patent laws is degrees of magnitude more deplorable then the rest of "deplorable" uses. When microsoft sues google for some patent law , or apple sues samsung, or whatever, that's annoying and stupid. But iPhone doesn't spread to samsung or android, so you have choice.

Monsanto attacks on two fronts and it really is ingenious:

1. Their patent spreads, whether you want it or not. So free market is already taken out of equation. And when their patent touches your non-GMO garden your garden becomes their garden. And should they decide they can sue you for having their patent. It also spreads through nature, making what used to be a natural plant growing in the wild, a monstanto-patended and owned plant.

2. They are after food. If you don't like cable TV you can tune yourself out (I did). However, you can't choose not to eat. And this combined with 1. will ensure that they only choice you can make is Monsanto.

Without ability to sue them for infecting your property and sue them for labeling this product as food they will take over the food supply. Canola first, other seeds after, and I'm sure animals as well in not-so-distant future - this is just a testing ground. You'll see how much of free market choice you have, when every new plant that grows has a patented gene in it.