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Comment: Err on the side of liberty

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Err on the side of liberty

I apparently ran out of room in the last post, so I'll continue here:

The cause is too great to fight over issues such as abortion that elicit such strong emotional responses. Especially at the Executive Federal level, where such a change in law would first have to make its way through congress first. Which is never going to happen in my life time.

I'm assuming you belive that life begins at conception. And that the soul in existence at that point in time, within the little bunch of cells. That is just an opinion based on your religious beliefs.

I on the hand don't belive in the same god you do. It is my opinion, based on nothing but a theory i came up in my head , that if there is a god, and he/she/it implants souls, then the soul is introduced to the body on the body's first breath, and leaves the body of the last breath. As such, until the point of soul insertion, the body is just an empty vessel. If my theory is the correct one, then no human is ever deprived of liberty via abortion.

I have my theory, and you have yours. And we'll never agree. As such, we should leave these decisions to the mothers carrying the baby/fetus/miracle/parasite and not to law makers and other external forces such as you and I. Overall we should be masters and owners of our own bodies, and that includes what happens inside of them and what we introduce to them.